Bible Reading Challenge

Daily Bible reading can change your life as you get to know God’s word, character, power and his story! As a church we are going to spend 90 days reading the Bible. There are various streams listed below. Starting May 5th and going for 90 days, we’re joining with Parkside Baptist to share the challenge!
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The reading plans are found here:

The Whole Bible in 90 days
Difficulty: Extreme This challenge is hard, but it gives you a great sense of achievement for having read the entire Bible cover to cover. Discover new insights and how the whole story fits together. Allow at least an hour to 90 minutes per day.
Bible in 90 Days

The Old Testament in 90 days
Difficulty: Hard This challenge will lead you through many of the most unread parts of the Bible. Your understanding of the Old Testament will grow as you see the history in context and how the prophetic writings fit into that history. Allow up to 40 minutes per day.
Old Testament in 90 Days

The New Testament in 90 days
Difficulty: Moderate Have you read the entire New Testament before? Starting with the gospels and leading into the early church, you will re-familiarise yourself with Jesus and his impact on the world. The story ends with the consummation of history through the book of Revelation. Allow up to 30 minutes per day.
New Testament in 90 Days

The Psalms in 90 days
Difficulty: Easy The Psalms are the only book of the Bible written to God. They are prayers, songs, laments all from people to the Lord. You will experience the emotions, heartache and joy of the authors as they struggle to relate to the most high God. Allow 15-20 minutes per day.
Psalms in 90 Days

For Children
Difficulty: Very Easy A chance for children to get into the habit of daily Bible reading. Just a few verses per day, but every day! Allow 5-10 minutes per day.
Children’s Challenge

The Life of Jesus in 90 days
Difficulty: Easy Reading through two very different gospels, Matthew and John, will give you a real connection with Jesus. If you are unfamiliar with the story, or you need to be refreshed by who Jesus is, or perhaps you’d like a broad view of who he is, then this is the challenge for you. Allow 15-20 minutes per day.
Life of Jesus in 90 Days

Pentateuch in 90 days
Difficulty: Easy Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy make up the Pentateuch. They are the stories of the beginnings of life and faith, including many of the foundational stories of faith. The reading can get hard through the sections on law, but working through it makes you want to thank God for his grace! Allow 15-20 minutes per day.
Pentateuch in 90 Days

Minor Prophets in 90 days
Difficulty: Very Easy The minor prophets are an unread part of the Bible, yet carry some of God’s strongest messages on justice and being devoted to him. Each book has its own context and makes its own statements, but there are threads going through them all. Allow 10-15 minutes per day. (more if you want to use a commentary or Google to find the context of each book)
Minor Prophets in 90 Days

Jeremiah in 90 days
Difficulty: Very Easy Jeremiah, the crying prophet, shows his emotion more than any in the Bible. You will be able to relate to his frustration not only with the people he’s prophesying to, but with God who is calling him to speak these messages! Filled with encouragement and warning, you’ll enjoy this book. Allow 10-15 minutes per day.
Jeremiah in 90 Days

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