Cathy Turner Induction Service – Photos

Here’s a few photos from our induction service for Cathy Turner as Assistant Pastor this morning…

Answering the induction questions.
Prayer for the Turner Family
Gathering for Prayer

This is from the induction statement given by Wayne Cursaro, church secretary:

We are on the verge of some exciting things here at WBBC:

  • Pastor David has settled in with powerful messages from the pulpit and strong leadership.
  • Cathy is taking up the Assistant Pastor position.
  • There are new faces and a lot of support for the music and worship programme.
  • Leonie is taking up the Christian Pastoral Support Worker position at WBPS.
  • There’s the likelihood of a Youth Group based around Stephanie and her friends and led by our new very gifted young adults.
  • We have a strong children’s program which started with just the Turner children.
  • We have other children and families in regular attendance.
  • There’s Cathy’s involvement in the school and her developing friendships with the school parents
  • We’re looking at expanding the leadership group incorporating some of the very talented and committed new people
  • There are serious building proposals being put together
  • We’re in a strong financial position

God is addressing every area of deficit for us, and his plans are much bigger than we dreamed. And note the involvement of the Turner family in many of these areas of ministry. They’ve already been a huge blessing to us here.

We see again how God likes to work in partnership with His people. God is blessing us mightily and He’s doing it through the people we see here today and through the extremely generous benefactors who have made Cathy’s employment here possible.

The opportunity to engage Cathy as Assistant Pastor has been given by God. It’s further evidence that God is doing big things here at WBBC. I feel like 6 months ago we had been at a train station for a long time waiting for a train to come by. And now it’s here and it’s time to get on board and get going again. These are exciting times and Cathy’s appointment is a big part of what’s happening here, not in our strength, but by the grace of God.

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