Deciding for Jesus

Often when we are wondering about Christianity we weigh up all the options.  Like we are used to with major decisions, we do our research.  What evidence is there? How do I know?  Was Jesus really a historical figure? What about other religions? How does the suffering question get resolved and so on.

 This is a good process to get us started and thinking, but it won’t get us all the way to Jesus.  The truth of Jesus can’t be discovered this way.  It can be approached through reasoned thinking and research, but not fully discovered. 

 There comes a time when a faith decision has to be made.  This can be a scary and unfamiliar process for us to go on, but it is not entirely unnatural for us.  For example, a person who goes bungy jumping puts their life in the hands of the people running it and that giant rubber band.  When I was watching this process in NZ one day, I didn’t see one person test the bungy cords for themselves.  I didn’t see one person ask about the credentials of the people running it.  What I saw was people trusting the attendants (by faith) and tying the bungy cord around their ankles (by faith) and then jumping off 1-2-3 Bungy!! (also by faith).

 We are able to have faith if we choose.  And by faith we can discover the fullness of the truth of Jesus.


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